Tryumph is a state-of-the-art pharmaceutical company analysing and providing instances of reflection and reconnection to communities around the modern world.

We are dedicated to our core belief: all people deserve expansive lives, enriched through all that they consume. This enrichment is the foundation of our creations, defying conventions deeply rooted in the post-modern world.

The functionality of our pharmaceuticals revolves around the individual being removed and reinstalled into reality. Instances of reflection are posed by this process, establishing an influential remedy for all involved.

Tryumph’s is based around well-practised and widely comprehensible production methods, an unmatched transparency that sustains the trust and satisfaction of those we remedy. From our pharmaceuticals to our staff conduct, we strive to continuously provide a beneficial and embracing experience that develops the world beyond what is already in existence.

Tryumph was founded in 2019 by Dan Price. The company has since expanded to over 20 staff members and consultants.